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THE QUOTABLE CALVIN COOLIDGE: Sensible Words for a New Century
By Peter Hannaford

Review by Jim Cooke for amazon.com.
Week of December 11, 2000

 If you know nothing about Calvin Coolidge, then this book - The Quotable Calvin Coolidge - is the book for you. If, on the other hand, you know President Coolidge to have been a man of integrity, wisdom, and humor - then, this is the book for that friend of yours who can never see what you see in the 30th president, and, what's more - won't listen if you try to explain. You know the type: Your friend perhaps admires Jefferson for believing "that government is best that governs least." Then, ridicules 'Silent Cal' for showing how it's done!

 Editor Peter Hannaford has taken on the tremendous task of rounding up all the usual Coolidge quotes as well as providing many that are less familiar. He cites chapter and verse, too, supplying context and date for every quotation. Selections range from a view expressed in a graduation 'oration' by 18-year old J. Calvin Coolidge to private remarks to a friend days before his early death in 1933 at age 60. Quotes are arranged alphabetically - beginning with African Americans and concluding with Zeal. This compilation is a treasure to be mined by speakers, politicians and writers; however, it's a mine field for the ideas of born-again New Deal scholars committed to parroting the narrow views of their mentors bent on belittling ³Silent Cal².

 The Quotable Calvin Coolidge has a helpful chronology detailing Coolidge's life beginning in 1872 with his 4th of July birth in Plymouth, Vermont and on through his education and subsequent steady rise in Massachusetts political ranks to our nation's highest office. There's a 26 page introduction to the man, the political figure and icon of an era. In his long political career, Coolidge often said, "The things I did not say never hurt me." Yet, the things he did say are clearly of service to use today and will remain worth considering, tomorrow.

Ordering Information: 5" x 7"
ISBN 1-884592-33-3, Hardcover: $19.50.

The Quotable Calvin  (HC) $19.50
OUT OF STOCK available soon as a paperback
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